Together Harambee



The Internet Network for the development of e-learning programs and other online services for the community.

Description of the project

Together Harambee is a project for Education promoted by Fondazione Brownsea, Innext and Google. This collaboration is aimed at providing, free of charge, the tools for communication and integrated collaboration specific for schools and universities. These are offered by Google to the students, to the faculty and to the staff of the IKSDP-Nyandiwa Teachers Training College.

Since June 201,6 Nyandiwa’s College, located on the banks of lake Victoria in Kenya, the facility where primary school teachers are trained, has been experimenting a new form of interaction based on a Google’s cloud platform, in order to optimize and manage autonomously the school’s flow of information, after an initial period of training.  

Together Harambee embraces the values associated with education and embodied by the promoting partners. Such values share a collective dimension and aspire to the direct engagement of the people concerned: students, alumni, teachers and staff of the College.  One of the  primary purposes of the project is creating the optimal environment where the communication among such agents can take place readily and autonomously, in order to encourage a modern method of study, confrontation and interaction. The importance of the initiative lies precisely in the activation of a net of relational connections, both on- and offline, which allows a constant, mutual, and engaging exchange among the College stakeholders and, by extension, with Nyandiwa’s community. The idea at the foundation of the project is that of educating and transferring skills to the recipients, incentivizing their comprehensive didactic and professional advancement.

The introduction of Google for Education represents a crucial transition in the process of growth of the rural area of Nyandiwa which, thanks to the work started in 1983 by Fondazione Brownsea and IKSDP, has come into contact with the rest of the country. It consequently has become a national reference point, by virtue of the vanguard of its college and the academic recognitions its students keep being awarded. Now, Together Harambee wants to overcome the geographical barriers and make IKSDP-Nyandiwa Teachers Training College a node of a global net, in which knowledge and values are spread and always shareable through any device (landline and mobile). At the IKSDP Center a high-speed Internet connection and a Wi-Fi Network covering the whole area of the Center were activated in July 2017. The following aims to be reached are the employment of the Net for the development of e-learning programs for the College and other online services for the community.

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