The nursery school renovated

The nursery school of the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa renovated after the flood. The roof was repaired, the ceiling redone and the walls painted thanks to the donation of the Cooperative “Terre Grecaniche” of Reggio Calabria (Italy) which during the Christmas period promoted the initiative “Terre Grecaniche for Harambee” in support of the Harambee Gwassi Kenya Project. The pyrographed tablets are the work of the MASCI Community (Adult Scouts) of Saronno (Italy). A big thank you to everyone: Terre Grecaniche, Calabria for Harambee and the Community of Saronno.
To make the nursery school completely adequate, it will be necessary to redo the floor and replace the furnishings according to the new provisions of the Ministry of Education of Kenya. When we have the economic possibility, we will. HARAMBEE !!!