The agreement between IKSDP and the NET Consortium has been signed

Promising start of the year. The “International Research Center” of the NET Consortium opens in Nyandiwa at IKSDP. Innovation Pole on the environment and natural risks. In recent days, the agreement between IKSDP Kenya and NET has been signed. It will have a duration of two years with possible renewal. Research and prototyping will be conducted in the new Nyandiwa center and in Kitawa for the development of new sustainable technologies with particular reference to the environment and natural hazards. The operational start with the opening of the NET headquarters in Nyandiwa will take place next week. The official inauguration will take place in February on the occasion of the visit of a group of teachers from the Mediterranean University, a partner of IKSDP Kenya and of the NET Consortium. The objectives are ambitious and aim at sustainable development in the Gwassi area (Kenya) and more generally in environmentally fragile areas. Good job everyone. Harambee!