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Cookie Policy

A “cookie” is a small quantity of data, oftencontaining a uniqueanonymousidentification code, whichissent to the user’s browser by a web server web and issubsequentlymemorised on the computer’s hard drive. Cookies are present in some sections of the Website, with the aim of trackingusers’ visits to the site. Ifyouprefernot to receive cookies, you can changeyour browser settings to alertyou to the presence of cookies, sothatyou can decide whether or not to acceptthem.

Types of cookies

Cookies differ from oneanotheron the basis of the purposes of thosewho use them. Weonly use technical cookies and analytics cookies. We do not use profiling cookies that are intendedto create userprofiles, and are used to send advertising messageswhich are in line with the user’spreferencesasdemonstratedwhilebrowsing the internet.

Technical cookies are usedsolely in order to send a communication over an electroniccommunication network, or to the extentstrictlynecessary to supply a service requested by a user. They are normallyinstalled by the publisher or manager of the web website.The Website usestechnical cookies permittingrecognition of userswho come back to browse the Website and their data, sothattheywillnotneed to enter the same information over and over again.The user’spriorconsentisnotrequiredbeforethese cookies can be installed and used.

Analytics cookies are on the basis of whichstatistical information isacquired on the number of usersbrowsing the Website and theirbrowsingmethods. This information isprocessed in aggregate, anonymousform.IKSDP – Nyandiwa International Scout Centre uses the Google Analytics service of Google, Inc. (“Google”) with the purpose of generatingstatistics on the use of the webiste; Google Analytics usescookies that donotcollectany personal data. Information coming from cookies on the use of the Website from users (IP addressesincluded) will be transmitted to Google and depositedat the servers of IKSDP – Nyandiwa International Scout Centre. Google provides to IKSDP – Nyandiwa International Scout Center the data in aggregate form and neverconnected to the identity of the users, through reports and other IT services. Google doesnot transfer this information to third parties unlessitisimposed by law or ifitis a matter of individualsmanagingthis data onbehalf of Google. In any case, Google declares in its information thatitwillnot associate IP addresses with anyother data held. To consult the privacy policy of the Google company concerning the Google Analytics service, you can visit the website:


The Website usesthird-partyanalytics cookies, which are cookies coming from otherwebsites and content in various elements hosted on our pages (icons of social networks that allow visitors to interact with it, images, videos). The cookies in this category are sent from the domains of the sites that offer the features on the site, are therefore not inserted or read by IKSDP – Nyandiwa International Scout Center. The Website doesnothavedirect control over third-party cookies (itcannoteitherinstallthemdirectly or delete them). Third parties can use the collected data for their own purposes. For more information on these cookies and how they are used by each of the third parties, you can use the link below:


 How to remove cookies

Itisnotnecessary to explicitlyrequestusers to consentto the use of technical and analytical cookies. With the sameconscious use of the IKSDP – Nyandiwa International Scout Center website, you are consenting to the processing of your personal data for the methods and purposesindicated in this statement.  Usersmayremove some or all cookies used by the Website with theirbrowsers on the basis of the browser settingslistedbelow. Note thatdeactivatingtechnical cookies may cause malfunctioning of the Website and/or limit the service available.

Belowisthe procedure to follow to manage cookies from the followingbrowsers:

Internet Explorer:  http://windows.microsoft.com/it-IT/windows7/Block-enable-or-allow-cookies

Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=it-IT&answer=95647&p=cpn_cookies

MozillaFirefox:  http://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/Bloccare%20i%20cookie?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Blocking+cookies

Apple Safari:  http://support.apple.com/it-it/HT1677

Specifically, it is possible to disable only Google Analytics cookies, using the additional opt-out component provided free by Google for the main browsers.