IKSDP – Nyandiwa Sport Centre refers to the Harambee Project, born to offer playful, recreational and at the same time, educational activities to the youth of the area. The aim is to promote sports as an instrument of transmission of ethical values and as a way of developing talents, as well as a moment of leisure and entertainment for the local community and the areas around. Another important objective is to encourage the growth of the female population in the sport activities, in order to overcome the cultural barriers and to stimulate gender equality. Since 2014 a collaboration with Panathlon International has been established through the construction of Panathlon Junior Club Nyandiwa – La Malpensa. The club has been recognised by the Kenyan government in august 2015, when the County’s administrative offices released a certificate that allowed the recognition of the Club as CBO: Community Based Organization. The objective of the Club are the following: 1) promote sport activities; 2) fight poverty through research and promotion of talent among young people; 3) sensibiliser the community on hygiene and health; 4) use the natural and human resources on the territory better.

The activity of the Club consists in organising sport and cultural events which can promote ethics and cultural values related to sport. The opening of the dell’Ongombeh Stadium facilitates the organisation of such events and the involvement of the community as a whole. The main objective of the Club is to become a winning alternative for young people of the community and a concrete support for all the young people who choose sport and cultural activities to express their capacity.