In July 2017, the first experiment of solidarity tourism of IKSDP was launched: a group of six, already into the Project thanks to the Network Calabria for Harambee, was hosted at the hostel in the Centre for a week. During the stay, many visits and meetings have been organised, both to the characteristic places of the area, and to the activities of the Centre. The tourists visited the Island of Kitawa, the Forest of Kisaku, the Island of Migingo and the fields of Kitawa, besides the village of Nyandiwa and the fishers’ village. Notwithstanding some organisational difficulties due to the lack of experience, since the tourism is an absolute news for the area of Nyandiwa, the travel has been judged as positive in complex by all the participants and the people involved. In particular, it is worth to underline that the tourists interacted fast and easily both with the staff of the Centre and with the local population, that welcomed them enthusiastically, and established a friendly relationship. The emergence of a touristic activity may be in the future a driving force for development for the village and community of Nyandiwa, but so far the infrastructures necessary to host a constant flux of tourists are lacking. Hopefully, the experience will be repeated successfully and the local community will be able one day to manage independently a touristic activity, both local and international.