Nyandiwa Sport Centre



To promote sport as an instrument of transmission of ethical values

The purpose

Nyandiwa Sports Centre concerns the sports ground of Harambee Project, which was born to offer to local young boys and girls ludic  and recreational, but at the same time educational, activities. The purpose is that of promoting sports as an instrument to spread ethic values, as well as an occasion to develop skills and as a moment of entertainment and gathering for the local community and bordering areas. Another important aim is the increasing participation of the female population in sports activities, to pursue the crossing of cultural barriers and encourage gender equality.

As of today, the Sportive Centre only has a soccer field, but the project counts also the building of volleyball, basketball and handball fields, as well as the finishing of changing rooms. Moreover, the donation supply of the necessary equipment for the maintaining of the plants.


The club

Since 2014, a collaboration with Panathlon International was started through the construction of Panathlon Junior Club Nyandiwa – La Malpensa. The club was officially recognized by the Kenyan government in August 2015, with the issuing of a certificate by the administrative offices of the county which allowed the recognition of the Club as a CBO: Community Based Organization. The objectives of the Club are:

  • promoting the carrying out of sporting activities
  • battling poverty through research and the promotion of talents among the young
  • sensitizing the community on the themes of hygiene and health
  • utilizing the best way both natural and human resources present on the territory.

The activity of the Club basically is the organization of sporting and cultural events through which ethical and cultural values linked to sports can be promoted. The opening of the Ongombeh Stadium has eased the organization of events of this kind and the involvement of the whole community. The main goal of the Club is to be able to propose itself as a winning alternative for the kids of the community and a concrete support for the youth which chooses sports and cultural activities to express their capabilities. The group poses as its objective the discovery and promotion of such talents, trying to develop a system of incentives and prizes that can stimulate the community in remaining tied to its activities.

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