Martina Piras

“In Nyandiwa, the liveliness of community life is captivating and enthralling, bringing travelers closer to the incredible Luo culture. Furthermore, the activities of the IKSDP center convey the essence of microeconomic development: it consists in the evolution of a complex system in its economic, social and cultural aspects, made of succeeding generations, of new challenges and opportunities, of some unsurmountable obstacles and some others easily cast aside. Thanks to the new ultra-fast internet connection installed in the IT center of IKSDP, hundreds of young people are now a click away from their peers on the other side of the world: it is a valuable occasion to bring Nyandiwa elsewhere, to make it travel and be known, breaking down frontiers, cutting the 420km distance from Nairobi, and the eleven-hour route from Milan. I wonder at the opportunities now available and at the ideas that may bloom thanks to this greater proximity of Nyandiwa to the world, and of the world to Nyandiwa.”

(Martina Piras, volunteer 2017)