From the start of the adventure untill today

Since 1983, many dreams, many achievements, many emotions, many roads walked down together. European volunteers and local population united by the wish to grow, both as individuals and as a community.


Here the overview on the several steps of our path:
1983 – IKSDP foundation
1987 – leading field for agricultural sperimentation
1989 – nursery within the Centre
1991 – aqueduct realization
1992 – public service transportation with powerboat
1993 – livestock project
1997 – dispensaries realization in Nyandiwa and Kisaku
1998 – tailoring project
1999 – Social Hall projecting
1999 – Kikubi nursery
1999 – laying hens livestock
2001 – fish farm project
2001 – support to Kiwa primary school
2002 – Kiwa dispensary realization
2002 – youth educational events (Education Day, meetings with principals, cultural exchanges with Italian  
              schools, AIDS Day)
2002 – profession al institute launching  
2002 – Social Hall basis are concluded    
2004 – hostel realization
2007 – Computer Service
2008 – Nyandiwa Teachers Training College launching
2009 – Kitawa field purchase and experimentation of jatropha cultivation
2010 – Computer Courses
2012 – partnership with Verband Deutscher,  Altpfadfindergilden (Germany), Altpfadfindergilden 
2013 – sunflower project cultivation and oil production; partnership with Wefi Ltd
2013 – Creative Centre
2014 – IKSDP Nyandiwa Sport Centre restructuring works are initiated
2014 – Talent Academy
2014 – Events (Art Day, Graphic Competition, Sport Week, wedding dresses promotion)
2015  – Slow Food Garden implementation
2015  – Completion of the first phase of construction of Nyandiwa’s Sport Centre IKSDP “Ongombeh Stadium”
2015  – Sport and cultural events (opening of the Stadium, “Guido Monti” Youth Tournament)
2015  – Oil production
2016  – Collaboration with Innext and Google for Education
2016  – “Nyamgondho Mini-Park” is started
2017Coverage of the entire IKSDP Centre with Fidoka Wi-Fi network
2017First solidarity tourism experiment
2018 – Start of the Telemedicine Service at Nyandiwa Hospital
2018 – Opening to the public of the “Nyamgondho Mini-Park”
2019 – Completion of the “Nyamgondho Mini-Park”
2019 – Launch of the “Nature and Environment” project
2021- Refurbishment of the College and Kindergarten buildings of the IKSDP Nyandiwa Centre
2021- Construction of a lake water purification plant at the Centre
2021- Launch of a partnership with PATH Kenya for the DREAMS educational project (girls and young women)
2022- Activation of the lake water purification plant and supply to the community
2023- Opening of the Junior Secondary School at the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa
2023- Construction of a photovoltaic system for pumping and purifying lake water
2024- Construction of a photovoltaic system for all the needs of the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa

1999 – “Prize for Peace” Regione Lombardia (Italy) to Antonio Labate
2011 – Prize Anassilos “Mimosa 2011” to Margaret Ongombeh