College for Teachers (T.T.C.)

September 2021: activity temporarily suspended

Teachers Training College was born in 2008. Its values refer to the principles promoted by the Department of Education of the Government of Kenya: the values of the nation, equality, peace, security, honesty, humility , mutual respect, tolerance, cooperation and democracy. The IKSDP-Nyandiwa TTC aims to train trained teachers who can successfully compete in the labor market. The College wants to be a promoter of development for the entire Nyandiwa community through the fundamental value of education; for this purpose he maintains numerous relationships with external partners, teachers, students, staff and, ultimately, the whole community.

The training program includes:

  • The achievement of a full-time degree course of two-year for the PTE (training of elementary education) that is divided into curricular and extra-curricular courses that allow the student to learn the compulsory subjects and analyze others according to their own attitudes and interests.
  • A full-time course for ECD (Childhood Education Program)

PTE course has achieved excellent academic results over the last few years, ranking itself since its foundation in the first places in the national ranking.

The management of IKSDP Nyandiwa T.T.C. is entrusted to a Board of Directors (B.O.M.).