The mission to the Nyandiwa of the scientific delegation of the “Polo NET” concluded

It ended the mission in Kenya, at the Centre IKSDP Nyandiwa, the delegation of the Pole of Innovation, Environment and Natural Risks “NET” of the Calabria region, as part of its internationalization activities. It was composed by Pietro Milasi, General Manager of NET; Pietro Polimeni, engineer, Head of Research Infrastructures of NET; Ralf Udo Mueller, zoologist, former professor at the University of Potsdam (Germany); Nic Pacini, biologist, Researcher of the UNICAL University and “focal point” in Kenya of the SASS Project (Food Systems and Sustainable Development) and in particular of the Naivasha Basin Sustainability Initiative. Project underway in Kenya and Tanzania by a consortium of Italian universities led by the Bicocca of Milan with the participation of Cattolica, Pavia, Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (Cuneo) and European Center for Development Policy Management of Maastricht.

The purpose of the mission was to learn about the social and entrepreneurial reality of Nyandiwa. Consistent with the “Polo NET” mission, the decision to open, from January 2020, a NET office in Nyandiwa was confirmed with the aim of implementing actions in the sectors of the Environment, Renewable Energy, Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture in agreement and in collaboration with IKSDP -Kenya, local authorities and communities.