IKSDP Nursery School

IKSDP Education. The new school year has begun. The children of the IKSDP Nursery School in Nyandiwa are also back in the classroom.
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Earth Day 2022

Today is Earth Day. The day when the environment and the safeguarding of planet Earth are celebrated. IKSDP participates with today’s images of the millet grown in the Kitawa garden (Lake Victoria, Kenya).      
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The girls of the DREAMS project

IKSDP-Education. In Kenya this is school vacation time. The girls participating in the DREAMS project carry out their activities at the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa.   
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Cultural Heritage

IKSDP-Culture. Meeting with the community of a small village in the Gwassi mountains, near the Gwassi Forest, as part of the “IKSDP-Cultural Heritage” project. Here the convocation of the population still takes place with the drum.   
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Drinking water for Nyandiwa

March 10, 2022 – IKSDP starts the daily service of distribution of drinking water to the community. It is water from the lake that has been purified by a modern plant located within the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa. This is how the penultimate phase of the “Drinking water for Nyandiwa” project is realized, which also...
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Seminar for updating school principals

At the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa all primary and secondary school principals in Suba Sub-County. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Education for an update on the new exam criteria in accordance with the current school reform.
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World Thinking Day 2022

The “World Thinking Day 2022” celebrated at the IKSDP International Scout Centre in Nyandiwa. On February 22 every year, Scouts from around the world celebrate Thinking Day, coinciding with the birth anniversary of the founders of Scouting and Guiding (Female Scouting), Sir Robert Baden-Powell and Lady Olave Baden-Powell. Guides and Scouts from all over the...
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IKSDP Farm 2022

IKSDP-Farm in collaboration with NET (Nature, Energy, Territory). New seasonal farming cycle on our Kitawa land and new breeding at the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa.   
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Visit to “Nyamgondho Mini Park” in Nyandiwa

The primary school of Orore (Gwassi, Kenya) visits the “Nyamgondho Mini Park” at the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa.   
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