Telemedicine service in Nyandiwa. Opening ceremony.

The official ceremony to introduce the Telemedicine project to the whole Community took place yesterday at the presence of the District Commissioner of the Sub County, the employees of Nyandiwa Health Centre and of all the Dispensaries of the area, the IKSDP staff and of the Italian volunteers of “Calabria for Harambee” who gave their...
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WELCOME to the group of Italian tourists

The IKSDP staff WELCOMES in Nyandiwa the group of Italian friends who will be guests of the Centre for ten days and are part of the programme “SOLIDARITY TOURISM TRIPS”.
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The new “Nyamgondho Meeting Point” of the IKSDP Minipark

Work in progress for the construction of the “Nyamgondho Meeting Point” in the Mini Park of IKSDP in Nyandiwa.   
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Volunteers leaving for Nyandiwa

The expectations of Bruna and Silvia, volunteers leaving for Nyandiwa
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Solidarity dinner for the Telemedicine project

The success of the Solidarity Dinner organized by the Calabria for Harambee Network in support of the Telemedicine project in Nyandiwa. Thanks to everyone from the IKSDP staff.
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