The new “Nyamgondho Meeting Point” of the IKSDP Minipark

Work in progress for the construction of the “Nyamgondho Meeting Point” in the Mini Park of IKSDP in Nyandiwa.   
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The 2018 Student Music Festival

The 2018 Student Music Festival was concluded at the IKSDP Center in Nyandiwa. Large participation of students and public of the entire Suba Sub-County. See you in 2019!     
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Music Festival of Suba Sub-County

From 6 to 8 June, the Social Hall of the IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa will host the Student Music Festival of Suba Sub-County. A great annual event of traditional music, songs and dances attracting thousands of people to Nyandiwa. The winning team will participate in the national competition.
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Volunteers leaving for Nyandiwa

The expectations of Bruna and Silvia, volunteers leaving for Nyandiwa
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IKSDP College – The third quarter of the current academic year begins

After one month of vacation, IKSDP Teachers Training College in Nyandiwa is ready to begin the third and final quarter of this academic year. It will finish at the end of July with the final exams for the second course and intermediate exams for the first one. Congratulations to all the students and good work...
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The soybean cultivation experiment in Nyandiwa

Continue the soybean cultivation that IKSDP is doing on its land in Nyandiwa and Kitawa. The growth is favored by the abundant rains of these months. A blessing for Nyandiwa after a long period of drought. The goal is to use soybeans to produce oil and animal. Similarly to what IKSDP has been doing with...
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Solidarity dinner for the Telemedicine project

The success of the Solidarity Dinner organized by the Calabria for Harambee Network in support of the Telemedicine project in Nyandiwa. Thanks to everyone from the IKSDP staff.
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