… and our journey continues…

New initiatives, new projects, new goals to strengthen the growing community of Nyandiwa and nearby villages.


Progress of works in December 2020

Signed on September 28, 2019 in Reggio Calabria the Framework Agreement between Consortium NET, the Azimut Association of High Education, the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, the Ecolandia Consortium and the IKSDP Kenya- Self-help Group (Harambee Gwassi Project). Among others, the Agreement’s signatories committed to contribute to the technical-scientific training, to the development of rural areas in Italy and Kenya and to the strengthening of the bond between the two countries in order to face the environmental and social challenges within the framework of the Agenda 2030 goals. Therefore, the parties intend to carry out initiatives and projects in the following priority sectors: agriculture and sustainable forestry, protection and enhancement of natural resources and landscape, territorial and city planning, technological innovation and circular economy.

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progress of works in December 2020

Nyandiwa Sports Centre concerns the sports ground of Harambee Project, which was born to offer to local young boys and girls ludic  and recreational, but at the same time educational, activities. The purpose is that of promoting sports as an instrument to spread ethic values, as well as an occasion to develop skills and as a moment of entertainment and gathering for the local community and bordering areas. Another important aim is the increasing participation of the female population in sports activities, to pursue the crossing of cultural barriers and encourage gender equality.

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progress of works in December 2020

IKSDP and GHT (Global Health Telemedicine) are engaged in the creation of a workstation at the Nyandiwa Health Center for the Telemedicine service via the Internet.

A software allows to connect doctors and nurses from a peripheral health center with a network of specialists who will reply to the medical question with diagnostic and therapeutic suggestions, according to the required medical branch and language.

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