November 2020

IKSDP-Nyandiwa TTC: final exams

The final exams began today according to the schedule established by the Ministerial Commission. 85 students face this challenging and fundamental test before becoming primary school teachers. A big “good luck”.   
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Tayana live for Harambee (video)

A delicate and emotional voice for an evening of beautiful interpretations for the Harambee project. Thanks Tayana!
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IKSDP- Second Life Group.

Long before the end of the year, thanks to the numerous events, sales, seasonal fairs and treasure hunts dedicated to the IKSDP-Harambee Project (Gwassi, Kenya), we raised € 1000 for the second time in 2020. So we have doubled the donations: 2000 Euros for our schools and the activities of the IKSDP Centre. Since 2010...
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Harambee volunteers

The Harambee Gwassi Kenya Project has developed over the years thanks to the contribution of many European and African volunteers. This development has led the Nyandiwa community to go from the initial 500 inhabitants to the 20,000 today. The photos show the first group of volunteers who started the project and the first group of...
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