July 2020

A new work of art at the IKSDP Center: the African fish eagle

IKSDP Creative Center, Nyandiwa. Art as an opportunity for individual and collective growth. Jacob and Tobias are the authors of this African fish eagle made with scraps of sheet metal and other recycled metal. The African fish eagle belongs to the rich fauna that populates the Nyandiwa area and Lake Victoria.   
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Sunflower oil IKSDP 2020

Processing of sunflower seeds grown in the Kitawa garden is underway at the IKSDP farm in Nyandiwa. The harvest has been excellent this year. We produce oil and animal feed.  
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Work to complete the renovation of the IKSDP-Nyandiwa kindergarten

Work began on the renovation of the floor of the IKSDP kindergarten in Nyandiwa to complete the renovation of the building severely damaged by the recent floods. The expenses for these last works are covered by a donation from the Pfadfindergilde (Adult Scout) of Liechtenstein that we thank so much.
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Nyamgondho Mini Park – Restored Mae hut

IKSDP Culture – Nyamgondho Mini Park (Nyandiwa). The restoration of the Mae hut (the legendary fisherman) was seriously damaged by the recent floods. The hut is a reconstruction of the ancient houses of the Luo tribe of Kenya.  
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