November 2019

The mission to the Nyandiwa of the scientific delegation of the “Polo NET” concluded

It ended the mission in Kenya, at the Centre IKSDP Nyandiwa, the delegation of the Pole of Innovation, Environment and Natural Risks “NET” of the Calabria region, as part of its internationalization activities. It was composed by Pietro Milasi, General Manager of NET; Pietro Polimeni, engineer, Head of Research Infrastructures of NET; Ralf Udo Mueller,...
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Art in the Mini Park of Nyamgondho in Nyandiwa

The works illustrated in the video have been made free by local artists of the IKSDP-Gwassi Artists group and represent some significant episodes of the Nyamgondho legend. They can be seen at Nyamgondho Mini Park in Nyandiwa. Congratulations to the artists!
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