IKSDP promotes the Harambee Gwassi Project. The aim is to encourage the development of the community of Nyandiwa (Kenya) and the areas surrounding Lake Victoria. IKSDP refuses any kind of welfarism and sustains the relevant role played by working together with the population through sustainable and repeatable micro-projects that enhance local resources and local culture.


"Working together for a concrete and sustainable development"


Education Area

With its various learning activities, IKSDP wants to enhance and contribute to the advancement of single individuals since their childhood....

Social Services Area

With the goal of encouraging the social and economic development of both Nyandiwa and the close communities ...

Production Area

IKSDP has always firmly believed in the value of examples. According to this idea, the projects related to the environment and ...

Other Activities

IKSDP promotes various activities with the objective of developing and sustaining both human and environmental resources...
Nyandiwa 13 May 2024 - IKSDP International Scout Centre
Nyandiwa 23 February 2024 - IKSDP International Scout Centre

Launch of the new "Mama County Strategic Plan" of Homa Bay County

IKSDP was founded in 1983 by Fondazione Brownsea in collaboration with the Kenyan Scout Association, the World Scout Bureau and the local community.

IKSDP legal offices are located in Kenya.

In Europe it is represented by the IKSDP-Harambee Project Onlus Association.

Our partners

There are several different options in order to join the activities of the Harambee Project Gwassi-Kenya (IKSDP). To get involved, you can:

volunteering, work groups, training internships, donations, new projects, exhibitions, fundraising, scout camps in Nyandiwa, purchase of local crafts, training….learn more




From the start of the adventure untill today

Since 1983, many dreams, many achievements, many emotions, many roads walked down together. European volunteers...

… and our journey continues…

New initiatives, new projects, new goals to strengthen the growing community of Nyandiwa and nearby...

Our reality...